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Moscow 2012 » Our News » Bid News » Moscow congratulates London

Moscow congratulates London

Upon the IOC’s announcement of the 2012 Host City at their Session in Singapore, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said: “We want to offer our warm and sincere congratulations to London and we are confident that they will stage memorable Games of the ÕÕÕ Olympiad.”

He continued: “The campaign for the 2012 Olympic Games brought together powerful competitors and we are honoured to have been part of this race. We have gained considerable experience and learnt to follow the highest IOC standards. We promised to develop our sports and city infrastructure whatever the outcome today, and we will respect this promise.”

“We are not disappointed; instead we have realised that Moscow is a truly modern and developing city, able to compete with the world’s biggest capitals, and organise major international events of the highest standard”.

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I really did like the plan Moscow has made for the olympics, especially the Olympic river, so I'm definitely dissapointed, however I think that Olympiade in London will be supergreat as well, I'm sure of it. Moscow, you have to try in 2016 and you'll win! The amazing russian capital and its people deverve it! To Russia with love, Petr from Prague.

Moscow was my very first choice to win. People under estimate this lavish city, and all it has to offer. I can only hope that Moscow seeks the determination and will to again bid and prove to the world...that well its time Russia WINS!!!

i wuld of loved to have seen the olympics in london and moscow and i am proud that london will host the olmpics in 2012. but i am a fond beleiver that moscow has the capability to host the olympics and i can tell u that london will supoort you in winning the 2016 olympics if you bif. I hope you will bid with a fantastic city and the passion for sport ill be the one at the moscow olympcis. Good luck to a fantastic city and people and there passion for sport. Stuart Husbands, Student in Great Britain with my supoort for the moscow 2012 olympic bid

With such a great competitor it is only an honor having been awarded the responsibility for the XXX Olympic Games. You have shown everybody the quality Moscow has to bring the world together for any sports event and I am positive you can get to host the 2016 Olympiads. All the best and thank you for your support. From London...

Sorry Moscow! The world was the loser here and would still be should the Games not be hosted in Moscow in the near future. Pse start working on your next bid soon! SA loves Russia!

your a great sports, have a crack at it next time youve got the olympic spirit for sure from laura, australia

I love Moscow!!!!! Go 2016!!!!!! Üdv ha magyarok is olvassák :)

Moscow i would like to thank you for a fabulous competion im sure it could be yours in 2016 and i hope iot is. i am extremely deligted that london won as i live in the capital but i am also sorry for your loss as i know i would have been devastated if london lost i wish you all the luck for the olympics in 2016 be proud

Your bid was good and your web site really good. You had by far the very best selection of photographs, most of which I have added to my collection. Thank you for bidding.

Thank you Moscow for such a fabulous competition. Good luck in the future. I am delighted though that London have got the Olympics because I am from Great Britain. Thank You London!!!! Thank Yoy Moscow!!!! Thank You New York, Paris and Madrid

I think that Moscow certainly have to bid for the 2016 games. Beyond the Boycott back in 1980 most people agree that Moscow's Olympics added a powerfull touch of feelings and magic to the Olympics. Athens,Greece salutes

Moscow 2012 would have been the final step towards incorporation of Russia to the western world. I would love Moscow to try again !! IOC rewards persistence. Definitely, sooner or later, Moscow has got to host the Olympic games. keep up the good work Moscow ! best wishes, Jose Tovar.

Don't give up, Moscow! I believe that you will be able to hold a wonderful olympic games in future. see you in Beijing in 2008!

MOCKBA 2016!!!!!! ITS YOURS!!!!!!!!!

As a fan of the Olympic movement, I must say this was the best bidding ever. Five terrific bids, and any of the cities could have won any other year. I look forward to Moscow hosting the Olympics again very soon. Good luck in the future.

I would like to congratulate all the bid countries for the host for the olympic in 2012. All cities that include Moscow itself shows the world about the passion for the games and although you didnt get it but i'm still proud of the moscow bid team for presenting such a beautiful presentation here in Singapore. Well done and all the best! Colin Chong Yong Jin student in Singapore

Moscow has clearly shown the world their willingness and perseverance towards their goal. Keep up with your good work. I strongly believe that the great Olympic torch will once agian be reignited in the beautiful city of Moscow in the near future.

Sydney failed in 3 bids before Samaranch pronounced Sydney as the best olympics ever. I will be disappointed if Moscow doesnt try again in 2009

You can be proud of yourselves Moscow. Good luck for next time. From your friends in London

Thank you for your sportsmanship it is greatly appreciated. I am from Great Britain and i am delighted that the olympics is being held in London but am sorry for your loss. It was an honour to be up against such a fine country

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