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Moscow 2012 » Our News » Bid News » President Putin to put Moscow’s case tomorrow

President Putin to put Moscow’s case tomorrow

The leaders of Moscow’s bid to host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games today said their city has a unique plan which makes it the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) historic choice when it ballots tomorrow.

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov declared: “We have made good progress here in Singapore and we believe that our message has come across that only by choosing Moscow could the IOC in 2012 change for the better a city, its people and the whole world.”

“Our bid will be boosted further tomorrow when we are joined by our Prime Minister, Mikhail Fradkov, demonstrating the total commitment of the Federal Government to Moscow’s bid. But tomorrow will also be a day when our President does something no Russian President has done before.  He will speak publicly in English when he addresses the IOC – and the world – via video.  This shows our commitment – including changing traditions – to bring the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to Moscow. This should be no surprise since we are passionate about sport and the Olympic Movement.”

Russian IOC member and Olympic champion swimmer Alexander Popov said that Moscow 2012 would be the unique Olympic and Paralympic Games that athletes have until now only dreamed about.  “The design is the nearest to perfection that an athlete can hope for,” he said.  “For the first time in Olympic history a Host City will hold all competitions within the city limits. For the first time in Olympic history a Host City will house all athletes together in one village in the city’s heart.  And athletes can be confident that our unique Olympic River concept means that there will be no last minute problems.  For fully 65 per cent of all venues are already in place.”

IOC Vice President, Vitaly Smirnov, said that Moscow has “a great chance” of success and warned against listening to those who claim that the contest is already over.  To try to predict the outcome of an IOC ballot is “an impossible game” he said.  The one certainty was that Moscow’s campaign had hammered home the key argument that the city would be the best choice.  “Best for athletes,” he declared, “Best for the Games.  Best for the world.”

Notes to editors:

The following people will speak during Moscow 2012's final presentation to the members of the IOC on Wednesday 6 July:

• Mikhail Fradkov, Prime Minister of Russia
• Yuri Luzhkov, Mayor of Moscow
• Vitaly Smirnov, Vice President of IOC
• Alexander Popov, IOC member & Olympic Champion (swimming)
• Irina Rodnina, Olympic Champion (figure skating)
• Dmitry Svatkovsky, Sports Director of Moscow 2012 bid & Olympic Champion (modern pentathlon)
• Alexander Chernov, General Manager of Moscow 2012 bid
• Julia Bordovskikh, Public Relations Director of Moscow 2012 bid

For further information on the Moscow 2012 bid, requests for interviews with spokespersons, or media accreditation for the press conference on 6 July, please contact the Moscow 2012 press officers on site:

Olivia Lawe-Davies
Mobile: +65 9111 9526

Catherine St-Laurent
Mobile: +65 9295 0953

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We can still "imagine it now"! I can imagine the better Olympic Games in Moscow! I can imagine the bear Misha greeting us all again!! Keep trying, Moscow. Greeting from BRAZIL!

A good effort, Moscow! I hope you will have better luck for 2016 ... keep trying!

I insist on choosing Moscow. greetz from jeoren from THE NETHERLANDS

its so exciting, i can imagine moscow 2012, good luck!!! oooohhhh its so exciting

moscow is a beautiful city ,I hope you will win at last best wish's for you a chinese boy 河流海

good luck, moscow!

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