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Our Team

The membership of the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee includes a Presidium of 10 people, headed by the mayor of Moscow, Yuri M. Luzhkov. The day-to-day oversight of the Committee will be provided by its Chairman, Valery P. Shantsev - the Vice-Mayor of Moscow.

Moscow 2012 Olympic Games Bid Committee

The Bid Committee membership includes, among others, authorised representatives of the following organisations:

  • Yuri Luzhkov - Mayor of Moscow
  • Leonid Tyagachev - President, National Olympic Committee of Russia
  • Vyatcheslav Fetisov - Head of Federal Agency of Physical Culture Sport and tourism
  • Valery Shantsev - Chairman of Moscow 2012 Bid Committee, Vice Mayor of Moscow
  • Mikhail Men - Vice Mayor of Moscow
  • Alexander Kozlovsky - Vice President, National Olympic Committee of Russia
  • Alexander Polinsky - Executive Director of Moscow 2012 Bid Committee
  • Dmitri Svatkovsky - Director of Sports
  • Alexander Chernov - General Manager
  • Alexander Ratner - Director of Media Relations
  • Piotr Vassiliev - Head of Information
  • Alexander Gomelski - President of Olympic Moscow Foundation

The IOC members from Russia, Vitali G. Smirnov (Vice-president of IOC), Shamil A. Tarpishchev and Alexander V. Popov, as well as outstanding athletes and other public figures, will play an active role with the Bid Committee and in the selection process.

In addition, nine permanent committees have been established and are working within the framework of the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee:

  • Sport Sites Committee
  • Telecommunications and Mass Media Committee
  • Environmental Committee
  • Medical Committee
  • Security Committee
  • Accommodations Committee
  • Transportation Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Marketing Committee

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Alina Kabaeva
Alina Kabaeva
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