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Our Bid

The Olympic Games began almost three-thousand years ago at a field called "Altis" on the plains of Olympia, Greece. Since that time, the message of Olympism has spread to every corner of the Earth and has been embraced by every culture and society.

To express our vision for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games we must first honour our existing Olympic legacy. The 1980 Olympic Games enriched our country by teaching us that the greatest Olympic gifts are Hope, Dreams, Inspiration and Friendship. Those Games also left an astonishing array of sports infrastructure for our citizens which we have used extensively to promote sport in our country.

The IOCís increased emphasis on managing costs and ensuring sustainable Olympic Games sports infrastructure is a core principle of our bid and reflects our Olympic legacy experience.

  Olympic Dreams

Murat Kardanov
Murat Kardanov
Sydney 2000 Olympic Games gold medallist, three times World Cup winner (1992, 1995, 1997), European champion (1998), many times World and European Championship medallist
The Olympic Village is a special memory for me.
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